Another Quick Note from WFR On Island Time In Paradise

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Another Quick Note from WFR On Island Time In Paradise

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Well another weekend passed and I didn’t sit down and write a thing on my blog. I love this island. John and Jill and I spent a little time wandering on the east side of the island and then headed back to the boat. The weather has been wonderful. It is not hard to love the tropics. Let’s see the low temps are in the 70s and the highs are in the 80s. If you are too hot, it may rain any minute and if you don’t like the rain, the sun will be out anytime. Shorts and a tee-shirt are always in order and if you need to dress up, wear a button-up shirt with your shorts and you can go almost anywhere. If the place is too good for that clothing, then I am pretty much too good for that place. Tonight we are having fresh caught fish and some small lobsters we bought at the market on the dock. We have a bottle of Pinot Grigio that will pair well with the meal. Pina Coladas are in the blender and I am acting as chef tonight.

We heard at the bar that there will be a meteor shower just before dawn in the morning and I think we are going to stay up enjoying each other’s company and watching the tropical heavens above us and hope that the light show is worth the wait and I know it will be.

WFR…on island time in paradise.

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