Back to New Orleans

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Back to New Orleans

This has been a short work week. I took Wednesday off to prepare for our trip to New Orleans. We leave early on Thursday so I am a little early getting this week’s blog out. We continue to get hammered with pop-up thunderstorms here in Destin. They come out of nowhere, drop a ton of rain and are gone. Typical Florida summer weather.

Monday evening was spent working on this month’s Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper. With the trip this weekend I had to get ahead. It will be another great edition if I do say so myself! LOL  Tuesday after work was the official start of my vacation. Sunshine Cindy and I went to Landshark Pizza for some food and brews. A good crowd was in there. The Olympics were on the TV…Women’s beach volleyball. Need I say more! Kimmy and Stephanie were working the bar and tables and Matt was doing some cooking. Brian talked to us for a while before he headed home. Scotty and Kim came in and sat next to us and we all talked about the Olympics. Then Steve came in and chatted with us too. He had never met Sunshine Cindy and he joked that she needed glasses so she could see who she was dating. Funny guy! LOL

As we were leaving Scotty and Kim talked us into going to Hogs Breath Saloon. When Scotty saw BadAss he wanted to ride over with us. He fell in love with my car. At Hogs Rikki was behind the bar and Flash Flood Duo were playing. “Coach” from The Boathouse was there and several others we didn’t know. It was fun but time to head home had been reached.

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