Fun Weekend in Destin

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Fun Weekend in Destin

When I last left you Thursday afternoon, we did not have too many plans yet for the weekend. But like always in Destin things change fast as we “Embrace the Chaos!” Thursday evening we went to Landshark Pizza for some dinner. We met Julie there and had fun with Brian and Paige. Sunshine Cindy and I left there and headed to the Rotten Apple. We wanted to talk to Rose the bartender. When we got there, Pete had just finished playing. Turns out he is moving to Colorado in a couple of weeks. I hope it works out for him. Ed and his wife were there. Then Turtle and his girlfriend showed up. We chatted with all of them. Then as we were getting ready to leave Chief from KC’s Sandbar and Rose came in. We didn’t expect to see them on this side of town. It was a fun evening.

Friday started with me having to go into work for a while. It was supposed to be my off day but duty called. When I left it was noon and I stopped at KC’s. No one was there except the bartender. I had a beer and cruised over to Anglers on the Island. Red was behind the bar and was happy to see me as it has been a while. While there a dude with a Mohawk, piercings and tons of tattoo’s sat down next to me to get a drink to go. He ordered a “surfer on acid” drink. I had never heard of it. I asked him what was in it and he bought me one too. He was a good guy. Don’t judge a book by its cover I always say.  I also noticed Anglers had our flyers posted about our big “Trop Rock Chaos on the Island” party we are throwing on August 25th. Stop in if you are in Destin that afternoon from 4-10 pm as we have a musician from the British Virgin Islands and a great band from Atlanta playing. It will be fun.

Friday evening was going to be a quiet night….not! We went to the harbor and the Tipsy Turtle. Matt was in his rare form. A lot of people were just hanging out in the area. I had my “Jack” hat on and a guy asked me about it. Turns out he works for the Jack Daniels distillery. He bought me a beer. I was on a roll Friday. Matt and Mindy played and Mindy’s Dad was there. We then got to talking to a couple of ladies who were from Iowa City. They were in town with the family of one of the girls. A while later a brother and a sister also showed up. They were all party people and having a good time. Matt stayed real busy all night. We were surprised how busy he was. He ran out of PBR’s and Corona’s and still had hours to go. As we left to head home we passed the American Legion. The parking lot was full so we stopped in. There was a church group in there celebrating someone’s birthday. They were having fun doing Karaoke but they were not drinking so the bar was not seeing much of a bump. Oh well, not everyone can be a party animal! lol

Saturday was a day we spent with family. It was Sunshine Cindy’s Moms birthday. She turned ____….like I am going to tell! lol It was a fun day celebrating. In the evening Sunshine Cindy and I went to the pool where we had it to ourselves. The water is warm like bath water. In fact, the air temp was cooler so when we got out it actually felt cold. Sunday I headed to the harbor. I had to meet Steve at the Hawaiian Ice booth. Sunshine Cindy did not want to go down as she was getting ready for our trip to New Orleans in a few days. Wayne met me at the Turtle and we walked down to see Steve. From there we went to Crab Island Cantina and then back to the Turtle. They were having a baby shower for Ben and his wife so a lot of folks were around. Matt was his usual crazy self. Our friend from Albany GA (Alphonse) stopped in too. He was on his way back to Albany and figured we would be there. Paul, Tom, Kirby, Jack, Brian and Sue from Landshark Pizza were there among others. Even a brief rain shower could not slow us down. The perfect end to another great weekend in Destin, FL! See ya Thursday…

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