"Night Moves"

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"Night Moves"

This has been a weird weather week here on the Emerald Coast. Monday and Tuesday we had on and off monsoon rains from thunderstorms that were rolling through the area so we stayed in. We finally got some relief on Wednesday afternoon with the sun coming out full blast. Of course that just made it hotter and more humid if that was possible. As a point of reference, the temperature was 89 degrees  with the humidity about the same at 6:00 am Monday morning. Yes, 6 am! But I am not complaining as I love the heat.

This past weekend the folks at Aloha rentals rented a pontoon boat to the stars of Swamp People. The girl who rented them the pontoon said she looked at the guy and said you look so familiar, where do I know you from? He told her and she was surprised she didn’t recognize him as she watches that show all the time. My own personal experience was running into former pro football player and current Green Bay Packer coach Kevin Greene in my dentist office. He uses the same dentist that I do. I saw his name on the sign-in sheet and was wondering if it was him. I could hear them talking in the back and I knew then it was. As he left and walked by me, I was struck by the skinny bird legs he had. I was going to say something but then I remembered how he used to kill quarterbacks so I decided to just nod as he walked by! LOL

This week has been pretty quiet on the party front. With the rain we have spent most of our time in the evening working on Crab Island Mambo stuff. We will be in New Orleans next weekend so I had to get ahead of the power curve on some things this week. It’s late afternoon as I write this and we will probably go out somewhere tonight. Most likely the Rotten Apple for a while. We will be somewhere over the weekend too. Just not sure where yet! Where ever it is, I will have a full wrap up on Monday. See ya then…

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