No Mas Rain for Destin!

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No Mas Rain for Destin!

While most of the country is dry and in some type of a drought, Destin and the entire gulf coast continues to get hammered day after day. That just means we have to get out between the rain drops! Sunshine Cindy and I had decided that we would take it easy Friday. We had a big day planned for Saturday so we wanted to be in top shape. Well sometimes the best laid plans don’t always work out. It was going to be a short time at the harbor as the skies had cleared. We got down to the Tipsy Turtle around 6:00. Julie was back in town after being gone for two weeks on business. We met up, chatted a while and talked to some of the folks walking by. Jack stopped in and told me his wife loves this blog and reads it religiously. How cool and thank you Jack’s wife. (I screwed up and didn’t get your name…sorry!) A little while later Sharon came by and joined us. We also talked to a lady who likes Golden Corral and she made us hungry listening to her. LOL 

Matt and Mindy got there and started to play music about 8:30 and the crowd started to pick up. Kenny stopped in too and hung around with us for a while before heading to the Boathouse. Julie left about 9:30 right after the hookers walked by. Okay, they were probably not real hookers but they dressed the part and I will leave it at that. After Julie left we were about ready to go too when I felt a finger in my ear. It was Jan. He was down to see what was happening. He called Kenny and Kenny came back to join us. A few minutes later Brian from Landshark Pizza stopped by. And finally Sharon stopped back in. We finally snuck out about 11:00. So much for a short evening!

Saturday we had two big events planned. The first was a beach cleanup. Crab Island Mambo and the ECPHC are teamed up to do four cleanups a year. We always have fun and this one was no exception. After we clean the beach we have a party. About thirty people showed up and the weather was perfect. It was the best day we had in a long time. It was sunny with a slight breeze. The gulf was smooth and there was very little seaweed. A perfect day. Saturday evening Jan was playing at the Turtle. We was to start at 7:00. About 5:00 Sunshine Cindy and I went to Fisherman’s Wharf for some dinner. We had some great shrimp dinners. We finished about 6 and walked down to the Turtle. The skies were getting dark so I put the top up on BadAss hoping the weather gods would save us. They didn’t!

Jan and Loujean were there but he was not set up. He was on weather hold since this is all outdoors. Wayne, Kenny and Julie all got there before the skies opened up. It was a monsoon for a while. We were all under the tiki bar and staying relatively dry. About 8:15 or so it stopped. The radar looked like it would be good the rest of the night and even though there was almost no one on the boardwalk Jan got set  up. Oh wait, Travis walked by. This was a weird guy with no shirt or shoes who introduced himself to everyone. Not sure what that was all about but then again on the harbor you can never tell. Jan started playing about 8:45 and by 9:00 the Turtle was getting busy. By 9:30 the place was packed. Jan was pulling them in. It stayed that way for several hours. Matt had to call in Kirby to help as he could not keep up with the crowd. To think a couple of hours earlier he almost closed because of the weather. Jan never took a break. We finally left about midnight and I think he was just about ready to pack it in. A fun night for sure!

Guess what happened on Sunday? Yes, it rained again on and off all day. Sunshine Cindy and I stayed in to prepare for our big Trop Rock party at Anglers this coming Saturday. We are getting everything into order and the rain allowed us to stay in and not feel guilty. Today (Monday) it has rained even more. It has been going all day for the most part. No Mas!!!! See ya Thursday!

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