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 I never really planned to be a songwriter. I didn’t take classes or even realize I was studying music. It was just something I did to ease my mind and get in touch with my emotions…like an outlet. I don’t consider myself a great player or singer, I just feel like there is something inside me that needs to be discovered…for me to move on in life. It’s not a BIG deal or anything, it just feels good to organize my thoughts with a guitar in my hands. Like I said, I never meant to do this!!

Over the years, 26 in fact, I have written in the neighborhood of maybe 100 complete songs, with maybe twice that going to the “bone yard” unfinished. The songs cover a wide range of topics, styles, and emotions…but all are real to me at some level…even if some of the stories are bogus, the emotions are real and come from something inside of me. THIS can be scary at times, especially when a song was written about something “bogus”, like going to jail, and not too long after you end up there (done that)!! What happens more often though, is that you write a song that takes you to a new place in life and you find out a song you have written takes someone else to place you never knew existed…not a place, but a PLACE!! I read something from John Denver once about the song “Poems, Prayers, and Promises” being a prophetic song in his life when he wrote it, but he did not realize it at the time…I think it is even more so today…and THAT is what I am talking about…PROPHECY through music. I don’t pretend to be a prophet or even pretend to “have a clue”, but sometimes when connecting with my emotions in a song…the music becomes a prophecy…and the prophecy connects us all…one spirit, one life, and one love!!

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