Literary Foray

Literary Foray

ISBN: 1617060720

ISBN 13: 9781617060724

Publication Date: December 28, 2010

Publisher: Static Movement

Pages: 230

Format: Paperback

Authors: Chris Bartholomew, Jessica Bell, Erin Cole, Alandra Blume, Leah Pugh, Jason Andrew, Mara McBain, Michael Giorgio

4.67 of 6

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The deepening evening sky joins the lake in azure shadows, casting the landscape in monochromatic gloom that can't touch the darkness in my soul. Resting my chin on my knees, I stare unseeing down the length of the pier. The clamor of voices drifts from above where my husband stoically accepts the condolences of family and friends. The pity in their eyes is more than I deserve and too much to bear.-Excerpt from In a Moment's Breath by Mara Mc Bain

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