Mirror Shards: Volume One

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EXPLORE the edge of augmented reality in thirteen tales from thirteen fantastic authors. When the digital world collides with our real one, bringing all its problems and benefits, mankind will have to relearn what it means to be human.

In this glimpse of possible futures, you will go on the hunt to track down a fugitive on the other side of the known Universe. Learn the price of ubiquitous knowledge, or find peace and understanding in the absence of it. Dive deep into the ocean to avert a kidnapping using only the tools at hand. Experience new realities underwritten by an alien love of entertainment. Find hidden truths contained within our smallest gestures. Hide something so valuable, it would drive a man to crime. Or find that sometimes, what it doesn’t hide is what endangers us most.

“El Mirador” by Alex J. Kane
“Music of the Spheres” by Ken Liu
“These Delicate Creatures” by Melissa Yuan-Innes
“Below the Bollocks Line” by T D Edge
“The Sun is Real” by George Page
“A Book By Its Cover” by Colleen Anderson
“Of Bone and Steel and Other Soft Materials” by Annie Bellet
“Witness Protection” by Louise Herring-Jones
“Stage Presence, Baby” by E.M. Schadegg
“Gift Horses” by K.E. Abel
“The Cageless Zoo” by Thomas K. Carpenter
“More Real Than Flesh” by Grayson Bray Morris
“The Watcher” by George Walker

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