No Oath Sworn

No Oath Sworn

Publication Date: June 25, 2011

Publisher: Melange Books

Pages: 254

Author: Phil Geusz

3.79 of 33

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No Glory Sought Series, Book 1: No Oath Sworn By Phil Geusz: Is War What Makes Us Human? Tommy Longo was just fifteen when his brain was removed so that he could become a superfighter pilot; any older and it would've been too late. The separation was only meant to last a year or two, and he was supposed to remain a civilian. Instead he gets caught up in a surprise attack and is asked to help cover a major retreat, a thankless and difficult job for even the most seasoned veteran. Can a civilian boy find the inner strength to stand up to such a grueling task? And when it's done, will he have what it takes to fight an even dirtier war alongside the guerillas long after his high-tech fighter is gone? What does war mean, anyway? What sense can be made of it, and what purpose does it serve? For that matter, what can war mean to the no-longer-quite-human? And perhaps most important of all...Can young Thomas survive it?

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