Lesion Analysis in Neuropsychology

Lesion Analysis in Neuropsychology

ISBN: 019503919X

ISBN 13: 9780195039191

Publication Date: October 19, 1989

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Pages: 240

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Hanna Damásio, António R. Damásio

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Knowledge about brain neuroanatomy has played a major role in elucidating the brain mechanisms underlying psychological processes. Nowhere has the role been stronger than in the study of the relation between specific areas of brain damage and changes in perception, memory, and language. This book is about that particular approach to brain and behavior studies--the lesion method--as applied to humans. It reviews advances made with modern neuroimaging methods (such as x-ray computerized tomography and magnetic resonance scanning) and discusses how the new findings are modifying neuropsychological thinking and helping develop new theories about the neural substrates of cognition. The book also describes a method for the analysis of neuroimaging data that helps researchers and clinicians in neuropsychology to use imaging techniques as a source of neuroanatomical data. Included in the book are magnetic resonance (MR) and computerized tomographic (CT) images of exceptional quality. Based on a decade's work by two neuroscientists of worldwide reputation, this unique volume will be of value to neurologists, neuropsychologists, basic neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, neurolinguists and other researchers and clinicians interested in the relation between brain structure and behavior.

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