The Red Notebook

The Red Notebook

ISBN: 1847491642

ISBN 13: 9781847491640

Publication Date: June 01, 2011

Publisher: Oneworld Classics

Pages: 76

Format: Paperback

Authors: Benjamin Constant, Douglas Parmée

3.36 of 17

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A spirited look at life on the eve of the nineteenth century and Romantic sensibilities 

Published posthumously, The Red Notebook is an autobiographical account of the youth of the author of the seminal Romantic novel Adolphe. It eloquently relates both Benjamin Constant's European travels and readings, as well as his first steps in society and romance. A priceless document and a fine example of early autobiographical writing, it is presented here for the first time in the English language by acclaimed translator Douglas Parmée and is currently the only edition in print.

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