Rozalyn 2: Vengeance of the Heart

Rozalyn 2: Vengeance of the Heart

Publication Date: February 06, 2012

Publisher: Lady Byrd ENT

Pages: 437

Format: Kindle Edition

Authors: Shan, Keniesha Trimble

4.62 of 685

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Rozalyn McGuay has been missing for close to a year now and everyone believes she is dead. She is close to giving up on life and reuniting with her one true love. Finding the strength and courage she needs Rozalyn fights through blood, sweat and tears to find her way back home only to find that her homecoming isn't as sweet as she imagined it would be. Tamar has moved on hitting her with the ultimate betrayal. Fed up and needing a sense of revenge she goes on a warpath full of destruction involving those around her and herself. With visits from her past, treachery clouding her present, and danger threatening her future Rozalyn's back is up against the wall. Finding comfort in the arms of another man turns out to be the biggest mistake of Rozalyn's life. Tamar is confused, full of anger and sick of being stabbed in the heart. Unable to determine his next move; what he decides could be the end of his life. Will it be too much for the two of them to stand? Can their relationship withhold the blows or will things continue to crumble down? Walk with Rozalyn as she tries to put the pieces of her life back together and strive at a chance of happiness.

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