Be My Enemy (Everness, #2)

Be My Enemy (Everness, #2)

ISBN: 1616146788

ISBN 13: 9781616146788

Publication Date: September 04, 2012

Publisher: Pyr

Pages: 280

Format: Hardcover

Author: Ian McDonald

3.77 of 320

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Everett Singh has escaped with the Infundibulum from the clutches of Charlotte Villiers and the Order, but at a terrible price. His father is missing, banished to one of the billions of parallel universes of the Panoply of All World, and Everett and the crew of the airship Everness have taken a wild, random Heisenberg Jump to a random parallel plane. Everett is smart and resourceful and from a frozen earth far beyond the Plenitude plans to rescue his family. But the villainous Charlotte Villiers is one step ahead of him.

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