Conquest Through Determination

Conquest Through Determination

ISBN: 1617061948

ISBN 13: 9781617061943

Publication Date: June 01, 2012

Publisher: Pill Hill Press

Pages: 270

Format: Paperback

Authors: Miles Boothe, Deana Roberts, Claire Gillian, Katherine Simmons, David W. Landrum, Son Mitchell, Jen Matteis, Michael B. Fletcher, Magda Knight, Alexander B. Joy, Gustavo Bondoni, Erin Shanendoah Baker, A.D. Spencer, Anthony W. Eichenlaub, J.W. Whalen, H.J. Hill, T.W. Garland

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Airships cleave through dawn mists on errands of war and discovery. Polished boots and gold tipped canes echo, nervous fingers adjust finely tuned goggles, and all around you machines and machinations are set into motion in the grand opera that is Steampunk... See more. Be the first. Triumph. Inside all of us burns the desire to love and none of us is immune to the thrill of exploration, the whisper of greed or the keen anticipation that hums whenever we get close to any of them. That hum is echoed in these stories. Time travel and top hats, bodies made of metal and hearts and minds that are even stronger. Peer through clouds of steam at adventures set in the Old West, the dusty Outback, and along the coastlines of loch and sea. Thrill as some stories end in victory and cringe as some go down in flames... But rest assured that every story is told with the flourish and style that can only be Steampunk.

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