The Fox Sister Chapter 1: Little Sister (The Fox Sister, #1)

The Fox Sister Chapter 1: Little Sister (The Fox Sister, #1)

Publication Date: March 16, 2012

Pages: 48

Format: Paperback

Authors: Christina Strain, Jayd Aït-Kaci

4.13 of 179

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Young Yun Hee wakes one night to find her sister Sun Hee missing from their room. When she goes to look for her, she comes across a gory sight: her entire family being devoured by a nine-tailed fox. Yun Hee survives with supernatural help, but when she wakes, the fox demon is by her hospital bed, wearing her sister's body.

Years later, Yun Hee is living in Seoul as a mudang, a shaman in the traditional Korean Muist religion, and she's still looking for her sister. Scarred inside and out, Yun Hee is prickly and friendless, which makes the advances of Alex, an American Christian missionary, all the more unwelcome. But Yun Hee is still looking for Sun Hee, and Alex may be the bridge between them.

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