Under Old Earth And Other Explorations

Under Old Earth And Other Explorations

ISBN: 0586033025

ISBN 13: 9780586033029

Publication Date: 1970

Publisher: Panther

Pages: 188

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Cordwainer Smith

4.41 of 23

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A cosmos of beauty
and terror
on the far side
of time

The universe you will explore in these stories by a famous science fiction author is surely one of the most colourful and weird ever conceived.
Untold millennia in the future, a thousand planets throughout the galaxy acknowledge one ruler - the Instrumentality of Mankind. Giant planoforming ships travel the hazardous spaceways. Men and women genetically 'built' from animals do civilization's labour - and plot in secret, planning revolution. But the hell-planet Shayol with its bizarre torments awaits those who rebel against the dictatorial yoke of the Instrumentality...

Cordwainer Smith's vision and talent represent something unique in the field of imaginative SF.

Contents :

Introduction by Anthony Cheetham
The Game of Rat and Dragon
On the Sand Planet
Under Old Earth
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
The Ballad of Lost C'mell
The Crime and the Glory of Commander Suzdal
A planet Named Shayol

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