ISBN 13: 9781607015130

Publication Date: September 30, 2014

Publisher: Masque Books

Format: ebook

Author: E. Catherine Tobler

4.33 of 3

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Pip, a kelpie sent to the human world in punishment for breaking the fae's own laws, has been forced into a human form to walk among them. But her crime? Pip finds only fragments in the shell of her memory: a dead girl, a frozen lake, a stolen heart. She recognizes faces among the unseelie in the human world--fae faces hovering beneath human facades. She is not the only one bound by an unspeakable punishment; those she loved best have been brought to their own suffering because of her. As Pip unravels the forgetting which cloaks the truth, she knows she can reclaim her true nature, even if the cost be the human world.

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