Invasive Species

Invasive Species

ISBN: 1490729488

ISBN 13: 9781490729480

Publication Date: March 26, 2014

Publisher: Trafford Publishing eBooks

Format: ebook

Author: Logan Pollock

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Larry Mayer is a Chemical Worker and a former Master Chief and diver. He gets a call from his old buddy, Joe Cole, to do a salvage job in Alexander Bay in upstate New York. He arrives on Sunday and meets up with Joe at Schooner Bay Hotel. They go to the old landing craft that they're using for a dive boat and he meets the young Tim Lesher. After checking out the dive gear, they go to the house of their host, Melissa Macklin then return to the hotel. Larry meets a young lady, Karen Shachtler, who is interested in diving wih him. Early the next morning he dives in Mark Five gear and hooks onto the SUV and it is winched to the surface and taken to the old boat ramp in the landing craft. The next day he runs into a treasury agent who tells him that there was 2.8 million dollars in the SUV, but he doesn't care about that. He goes diving with Karen and he feels happy. The next morning he hears that Tim Lesher drowned. Everyone believes it was an accident. Joe buys a charter boat and Larry sees him talking to a woman on the Canadian side. He does a couple more dives with Karen but Joe tries to discouage him from getting involved with the locals. While walking on a dark wharf with Joe, Larry gets knocked into the water by men in scuba gear. he kills one with his pistol and kills the other with his knife. He is detained by law enforement authoritiesfor two days. He heads back to Ohio and learns that Joe is a mole for the Treasury Department.

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