Publication Date: September 08, 2015

Publisher: Anchor Group (Dark Seas imprint)

Author: Lucian Barnes

4.50 of 3

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Thirty years after the incident in Cambridge, a war of global proportions was eminent. Threats of violence rose from Asian and European countries when they got wind of what the United States government was experimenting with: the creation of an army of super soldiers, immortal beings meant to display American dominance.

Not willing to send their citizens on a suicide mission, these countries banded together and created cyborgs, the first ever race of independent machines to counter the Americans' efforts. Now they only needed to decide who would throw the first punch, plunging Earth into what would likely be the war to end all wars.

When the first wave of cyborgs landed on American soil in upstate Maine, the U.S. was forced to defend itself. The Phoenix Project was born, dubbed this title to symbolize the United States rising from the ashes. Would their efforts be enough, or would life as we know it come to a brutal and bloody end for all of mankind?

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