Katie's Questions about God

Katie's Questions about God

ISBN: 1490882251

ISBN 13: 9781490882253

Publication Date: August 14, 2015

Publisher: WestBow Press

Pages: 36

Format: Paperback

Author: Deborah Owen

3.88 of 8

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Katie's Questions about God accompanies a little girl, Katie, and her mother as they spend a day at the beach and then return home. In the quiet time they spend with the waves and sand, in the car, and in preparing the family dinner, they dip their toes and then wade into the deep and mysterious questions about God that naturally arise. Deborah Owen, author, relies upon her vibrant faith in God and her decades of experience as a mother, grandmother, and schoolteacher to help shape this approachable and engaging exploration of the most significant questions one can ask about life with God.

As Katie and her mother spend the day together, they discuss a collection of questions, including "Who is God?," "What did Jesus do when he was alive?," "What do you pray about?," "Why does God make bad things happen?," and "How do we stay close to God?"

If you find yourself blessed with time to spend with children who want to ask questions about God, or if you feel such questions tugging at your own heart, then Katie's Questions about God can serve as a trusted and approachable guide. It will help you to ask and answer the questions that come to mind among all of God's children, whatever their ages.

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