Poems for You & Your Neighbour: Health Disorders Simplified

Poems for You & Your Neighbour: Health Disorders Simplified

ISBN: 0692479074

ISBN 13: 9780692479070

Publication Date: August 22, 2015

Publisher: Amazel Enterprise

Pages: 58

Format: Paperback

Authors: Amanda Jones, Engel Jones

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Diabetes, Hypertension, Glaucoma, Cataract and also the pre-requisites for being a nurse are covered in this most memorable, ingenious rhyming format. Amanda Jones writes to educate. The inspiration for this book came after visiting the diabetic ward to checkup on her friend's Dad. An excerpt from POEM VII states: "The threat which diabetes posed was so evident, As I stood in the open ward viewing its residents. Diabetes showed no mercy for age, creed or colour, Since disregard to caution placed the odds in its favour." Effective education in action occurs when someone has the knowledge required to do what is necessary to prevent what could have been avoided. An example as simple as the wearing of diabetic socks which are comfortable and slips on easy over ankles, non-binding and are not tight. Amanda Jones writes to encourage. Being a nurse, Amanda reaches out not only to patients but also to nurses. In POEM XII, she shares the following: "Inconsiderate thoughts and mechanical action, Are now becoming the qualities of today's human. But from this we must desist, As our goal should be to uplift." Nursing is her passion and she strongly believes that a good nurse will always go the extra to show compassion, love and respect as it is an important attribute of the profession. Amanda Jones writes to empower. In Poem V, she shares information on Glaucoma that once read, empowers the reader to make the right choices. An excerpt from this poem states: With these simple tests glaucoma can be staged, And the earlier it is done you'll have the advantage." Empowerment is vey much needed and it happens through the steps of being educated and encouraged. When a medical professional wether it be a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist and patient are able to communicate from a knowledgeable position, the benefits are innumerable. This will foster conversations to aid in the discipline treatment to win this fight on diabetes. Amanda Jones wrote that "Diabetes is a mounting pandemic, It is a disease that's not acute but chronic. If you have not read this book- You should!!! The International Diabetes Federation stated that in 2015 that there were 415 million people with diabetes worldwide. Amanda further writes on Hypertension, Diabetic Retinopathy, Diabetic Foot-Care with each poem having an illustration to incite the learning process. She also has combined dramatization of the poems to give the realistic application of the effects of diabetes. As a nurse it is Amanda's desire that nurses as well as those affected both patients and their families have this book as a tool to effect change. Have a read and place this book on your bookshelf as a go to, when you require information. Lastly I share an excerpt from Poem VI: "Type 1 diabetes is insulin deficient, Where little or no insulin is present. Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistant, Where insulin has a presence, However its use is rendered ineffective, Due to tissue being unresponsive."

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