Atlas America: Will Atlas Shrug?

Atlas America: Will Atlas Shrug?

ISBN: 1481049305

ISBN 13: 9781481049306

Publication Date: November 29, 2012

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 194

Format: Paperback

Author: B J Galt

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ATLAS AMERICA America represents a unique, shining example in government. Its success is the envy of people all over the world. The economy of the United States is greater than that of Japan, Germany, China, the United Kingdom and France combined. It provides military, economic and charitable support to many nations. America is truly Atlas to the World! Will America be able to continue in this role with national deficits and unsustainable debt threatening its future? WILL ATLAS BE FORCED TO SHRUG? This book summarizes 50+ key points leading to effective constitutional government. It also includes the text of a proposed Federal Limit Amendment. Basic disciplines would be created by such an amendment: 1. Control of the size and growth of the Federal Government through constitutional budgetary restraints. 2. Debt reduction or dispersion of excess federal funds to the States in a manner that is nationally equitable and not subject to federal political influence. 3. Federal competition for available funds within the limit will increase program oversight, rejustification and the reduction and elimination of unnecessary functions. 4. State competition for available funds would add an additional check and balance effect to the Federal Government. 5. The Constitutional Congressional requirement to declare war would be reinforced. The Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars would likely not have been authorized and funded with this amendment in effect. 6. State's rights and constitutional federalism would be strengthened. This fact would provide a strong incentive for states to use their constitutional right to institute a Federal Limit Amendment. The viability of the Democratic and Republican parties are considered in light of the 2012 Election. With the addition 11+ Million Hispanic voters to the Democrat base of government workers, minorities, benefit recipients and union workers, the Republican Party will no longer be competitive. This will encourage the creation of a Third Party. The political concepts of Constitutional Independent governance are defined. The book "Atlas America" suggests solutions to accomplish a "recurrence to constitutional principles" thereby returning Constitutional powers to the states and providing for a Federal Government that is fiscally sound, effective in its operations and responsive to the nation's needs while restoring liberty to the individual, dignity to the legislature and purpose to the ballot box.

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