Sorcerer's World

Sorcerer's World

Publication Date: 1970

Publisher: Signet

Pages: 144

Format: paperback

Author: Damien Broderick

2.67 of 9

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Through The Time Barrier

Klim Xaraf, son of a nomadic chief, awoke from his monumental fall to find himself the prisoner of time - trapped a thousand million years in the future.

Around him was a dying world, its incredible power sucked by necromancers though a hole to the past... its cities preserved in stasis, awaiting his liberation, or their final doom.

Yet Klim could neither meet this world's challenge, nor conquer the wizards of his own, until the powers primed him for the battle. For with their knowledge, they would erase his memory and plunge him into a nightmare training ground... where all the wonders of tomorrow were the forgotten souvenirs of an ancient yesterday.

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