The Screens

The Screens

ISBN: 0802151582

ISBN 13: 9780802151582

Publication Date: January 20, 1994

Publisher: Grove Press

Pages: 210

Format: Paperback

Authors: Jean Genet, Bernard Frechtman

3.82 of 136

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Jean Genet was one of the world’s greatest contemporary dramatists, and his last play, The Screens, is his crowning achievement. It strikes a powerful, closing chord to the formidable theatrical work that began with Deathwatch and continued, with even bolder variations, in The Maids, The Balcony, and The Blacks.

Explicitly political, The Screens is set within the context of the Algerian War. The play’s cast of over fifty characters moves through seventeen scenes, the world of the living breaching the world of the dead by means of shifting the screens—the only scenery—in a brilliant tour de force of spectacle and drama.

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