ISBN: 1935738917

ISBN 13: 9781935738916

Publication Date: November 02, 2016

Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press

Pages: 218

Format: Hardcover

Author: Maria Alexander

3.98 of 56

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Book 1 in the Bloodline of Yule Trilogy
Winner, 2016 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel
Nominee, 2017 Anthony Award for Best Children's/YA Novel
Charity Jones is a 16-year-old engineering genius who’s much-bullied for being biracial and a skeptic at her conservative school in Oak County, California. Everything changes when Charity’s social worker mother brings home a sweet teen runaway named Aidan to foster for the holidays. Matched in every way, Charity and Aidan quickly fall in love. But it seems he’s not the only new arrival: Charity soon finds the brutally slain corpse of her worst bully and she gets hard, haunting evidence that the killer is stalking Oak County. As she and her Skeptics Club investigate this death and others, they find at every turn the mystery only grows darker and more deadly. One thing’s for certain: there’s a bloody battle coming this holiday season that will change their lives – and human history – forever.

Will they be ready?

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