A Thomas Merton Reader

A Thomas Merton Reader

ISBN: 0385032927

ISBN 13: 9780385032926

Publication Date: August 13, 1974

Publisher: Image

Pages: 528

Format: Paperback

Authors: Thomas Merton, Thomas P. Mcdonnell

4.27 of 227

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A Thomas Merton Reader provides a complete view of Merton, in all his aspects: contemplative, spiritual writer, poet, peacemaker, and social critic. In this closely knit volume are significant selections not only from his major works but from some lesser-known, yet equally valuable, writings as well. Presented here is a living Thomas Merton, expounding through prose and poetry on an abundance of important themes -- war, love, peace, Eastern thought and spirituality, monastic life, art, contemplation, and solitude.

M. Scott Peck puts the writings included here into the context of Merton's life.

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