The Republic of Love

The Republic of Love

ISBN: 0394224175

ISBN 13: 9780394224176

Publication Date: September 20, 1994

Publisher: Vintage Canada

Pages: 384

Format: Paperback

Author: Carol Shields

3.73 of 1,946

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With a viewpoint that shifts as crisply as cards in the hands of a blackjack dealer, Carol Shields introduces us to two shell-shocked veterans of the wars of the heart. There's Fay, a folklorist whose passion for mermaids has kept her from focusing on any one man. And right across the street there's Tom, a popular radio talk-show host who has focused a little too intently, having married and divorced three times.

Can Fay believe in lasting love with such a man? Will romantic love conquer all rational expectations? Only Carol Shields could describe so adroitly this couple who fall in love as thoroughly and satisfyingly as any Victorian couple and the modern complications that beset them in this touching and ironic book.

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