The Scrub

The Scrub

ISBN: 1458221229

ISBN 13: 9781458221223

Publication Date: November 22, 2017

Publisher: Abbott Press

Format: Paperback

Author: Janson Mancheski

5.00 of 1

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Old Packers Stadium!

Curly Lambeau's ghost!

An upset of Rocky-like proportions!

The Scrub reveals the lives of three teens, each facing insurmountable challenges. Janus Mann is at odds with his football coach; his best friend Barnaby is being bullied by his physical therapist; and Asha's life is controlled by her alcoholic father. Yet the three friends remain determined to achieve success.

The story shines light on high school life, ripped open like a scab. Where on any given day you can reach soaring heights; or just as easily be beaten down into a dark pit of despair.

In spite of the set-backs, our trio of plucky friends persists. But when Janus' luck reaches rock bottom, he has only one place to turn--he seeks advice from the ghost of Green Bay Packers' legend Curly Lambeau, who becomes his mentor and surrogate father.

As dark forces mount a final attack, is it too late for the friends to alter their fate? Or will they accept Curly's lesson: that through loyalty, friendship and will always be stronger than going it alone?

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