Reach for the Summit

Reach for the Summit

ISBN: 0767902297

ISBN 13: 9780767902298

Publication Date: March 02, 1999

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

Authors: Pat Summitt, Sally Jenkins

4.38 of 447

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Pat Summitt, head coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols, is a phenomenon in women's basketball.  Her ferociously competitive teams have won three NCAA championships in a row--1996, 1997, and 1998.  The 1997-98 Lady Vols posted a historic 39-0 record, prompting the New York Times, among many others, to proclaim them "the best women's college team ever." Now, in this groundbreaking motivational book, Pat Summitt presents her formula for success, which she calls the "Definite Dozen System." In each of the book's twelve chapters, Summitt talks about one of the system's principles--such as responsibility, discipline, and loyalty--and shows how you apply it to your own situation.  Along the way, she uses her own remarkable story as a vehicle for explaining how anyone can transform herself through ambition.  Pat Summitt will motivate you to achieve in sports, business, and the most important game of all--life.

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