ISBN: 0738710016

ISBN 13: 9780738710013

Publication Date: April 08, 2007

Publisher: Flux

Pages: 305

Format: Paperback

Author: Mark Schreiber

3.26 of 397

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A 2008 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list nominee! How can Christy Marlowe--an impulsive, wise-cracking horoscope-junkie--be in love with Ben, a well-mannered college freshman who prefers astronomy over astrology? Their fateful first meeting takes place at a plastic surgeon's office, where both hope to erase painful memories along with unwanted tattoos. Is it a bad omen that Ben has the same name as Christy's ex-boyfriend, a drug-pedaling punk in juvie for murder? It's hard for Christy to care when Ben sends her heart "racing through galaxies of bliss." Just as Ben is worried about Christy's obsessed ex who's back on the streets, Christy is troubled by the sadness lurking in Ben's ice-blue eyes.Burying the past isn't easy and this comedy of love turns upside down when Christy and Ben become ensnared in their own lies. Starcrossed or starmates, can they forgo Romeo and Juliet's tragic fate and find their way back to truth and trust?

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