Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand

ISBN: 1616960043

ISBN 13: 9781616960049

Author: Peter S. Beagle

4.19 of 402

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Abundant with tales of quiet heroism, life-changing decisions, and determined searches for deep answers, this extraordinary collection of contemporary fantasy explores the realms between this world and the next. From the top of the Berlin Wall to the depths of the darkest seas, gods and monsters battle their enemies and innermost fears, yet mere mortals make the truly difficult choices. A slightly regretful author and a vengeful-but-dilapidated dragon square off over an abandoned narrative; the children of the Shark God demand painful truths from their chronically absent father; and a bereaved women sacrifices herself to change one terrible moment, effortlessly reversed by a shuffle of the deck. Whether melancholic, comedic, or deeply tragic, each new tale is suffused with misdirection and discovery, expressed in the rich and mesmerizing voice of a masterful storyteller.

“The Rock in the Park"
“Sleight of Hand”
“The Children of the Shark God”
“The Best Worst Monster”
“What Tune the Enchantress Plays”
“La Lune T’Attend”
“Up the Down Beanstalk: A Wife Remembers”
“The Rabbi’s Hobby”
“Oakland Dragon Blues”
“The Bridge Partner”
"The Woman Who Married the Man in the Moon” (A Schmendrick Tale)

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