Darkest Secrets

Darkest Secrets

ISBN: 1617060550

ISBN 13: 9781617060557

Publication Date: September 21, 2010

Publisher: Static Movement

Pages: 252

Format: Paperback

Authors: Chris Bartholomew, Yolanda Sfetsos

4.50 of 6

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It happened only because of a cosmic accident, really. It was just one of those freak events, like lightening hitting in the same location twice, or a weather phenomenon that happens once every several thousand years. The consequences were not universe changing and did not alter the sanctity of the time continuum. So what happened? The small accident in question, a minor annoyance for the space ship it happened on, became the focal point for a sequence of events that changed the development of an entire race. It all started with one malfunctioning transport unit and transplanted seeds floating through space...-Excerpt from The New Berries in Her Backyard by Jacob Baxter

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