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Off the Grid – Illegal in the United States of America?


Think you are still free to make choices in your life?  Do you think the government will allow you to live independent of their utility monopolies?  If you think so, try opting for renewable non-grid tied power and utilize environmentally friendly composting toilets and your own self-sufficient water supply.  Today, those life choices could land you in jail if you live in South Florida.  Take the case of Robin Speronis.

Robin Speronis has lived off the grid, independent of the city’s water and electric system.  A Florida court ruled this off-the-grid living illegal last week and has given Robin until March to connect her home to a municipal water line or face possible eviction.  Further, officials in the city of Cape Coral have justified this by deeming Robin’s home “unsanitary,” citing the International Property Maintenance Code.  First of all, since when did we begin to locally recognize “international codes?”  Where in the US Constitution does it provide for international jurisdiction over local codes?  Ironically, this “international” code mandates that homes be connected to an electricity grid and a running water source, even though most of the world lives without reliable electricity and municipal water and sewer.  Further, the code is outdated and obsolete because it was written without consideration to both old and new technologies that relegate the need for grid tied power and municipal water as unnecessary and expensive; especially, in locations where it simply isn’t feasible to have grid tied utilities. Nonetheless, Speronis’ home does in fact have power and water through far cheaper and more environmentally friendly means — solar panels and rainwater, but that reality is ignored by the local government.

All too often now it has become blatantly clear that our governments will stop at nothing to control every aspect of your life and demand by force of law that you are dependent upon the system.  Why dependent?  Simple, because dependent people can be controlled.  Nothing screams of totalitarism more than irrational government demands to conform to nonsensical and inefficient systems when better options that may suit an individual are available.  Today, living off the grid allows one to become in a large part independent of the government and as such, has now been targeted as criminal behavior.  Of course governments are not going to directly say this.  Instead, you see governments using the tact such as Cape Coral citing “sanitary” reasons even though they presented no conclusive evidence that Robin’s lifestyle presented any type of public health threat.  Sure, it was not the typical urban setup for a dwelling, but then, when was it demanded by law that everyone conformed to outdated modes of existence?  In fact, how is locally sourcing water from renewable sources and incinerating or biodegrading human waste “more” unsanitary than the city’s own activities?  Let’s be honest, providing filtered sewage mixed with a cocktail of harmful chemicals through debris and corrosion filled pipes as “clean” drinking water isn’t my idea of sanitary.  Further, pumping raw sewage into open bodies of water and burning millions of tons of fossil fuels isn’t exactly sanitary either.

When viewed in its entirety, it appears that the government is simply mad because someone found a way to do things better and without the need of their “services.”  Instead of adapting and reforming their code to catch up with technology, the uber bureaucrats with clearly limited mental faculties and stunted emotional development decided it was easier and or better to just prosecute Robin as a criminal.  How scary is it that in today’s society common sense, logic, and reason are excommunicated by bureaucrats in favor of mindless adherence to ineffective, dated, and or obsolete codes and regulations that were allegedly designed to help not hurt the public?  Instead of good judgment and rational logic, the go-to tools of bureaucrats are brutal police enforcement and prosecution of anyone that dares to try and live independent of their noxious edicts.  As you have witnessed and will witness going forward, this is a recipe for a national collapse.  No person, business, or state can function under such bureaucratic idiocy and harassment.  The freedom of people and the ability of businesses to operate productively are inversely proportional to the size of the bureaucracy.  The United States has hit the point where intrepid trend setters, inventors, pioneers, industrialists, and builders are no longer able to lead this nation forward, but instead, unaccomplished and dimwitted individuals with titles such as inspector, social worker, tax agent, appointee, consultant, and compliance officer are leading this nation into ruin.  I don’t know how much longer the US can continue the allusion of a functional nation, but as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, this system and nation will collapse under its own bureaucratic weight and feel good hubris.  I hope you are prepared.

By Guiles Hendrik

January 4, 2015

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Fort Lauderdale Fishing report for the Happy Day Today

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Fort Lauderdale Fishing on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak

Today was a carbon copy of past weather patterns – winds out of the east southeast, 5-7 mph with a moderate chop.

Nat Minloe from California chartered the Happy Day Today Topshot Fishing for an enjoyable fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale FL with his three sons and a school friend. Lucas, the youngest in the family at a ripe old age of 7, was the main angler on this fishing charter trip. With schools of Bonitos still in the area off of the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale, FL for the past two weeks, have brought in many predators to feed on them, such as a 400 lb. Blue Marlin, a 63 lb. Wahoo and numerous Sharks from Threshers to Golden Hammerheads.

We started off with surface baits – a ¾ ounce yellow feather with a Bonito strip behind it, and four Ballyhoos. The two deep lines consisted of a #3 drome spoon and a pink sea witch in front of a Bonito strip. Needless to say, Lucas had big shoes to fill since his older brothers were all good anglers, and fill them he did with his catches of Bonitos, King fish and Black Fin Tunas. As we were fishing around one of our wrecks in Fort Lauderdale FL, I noticed a school of Porpoises in the area. One of our deep rods bent over – as Lucas was bringing in a King fish, 50 ft. from the boat, a Porpoise appeared, grabbed the King fish and took all the line off the reel. At this point, Lucas was disappointed that he not only lost the King fish but that he didn’t hook the Porpoise until I explained to him that Porpoises are protected mammals, and we do not want to harm them.

With a good catch of fish on the charter boat Happy Day Today Topshot Fishing, it was time to start heading back from our deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale FL to the dock at Bahia Mar. This ends another successful and adventurous deep sea fishing charter on the Happy Day Today/Topshot Fishing with Captain Zsak.

For a successful and adventurous Fort Lauderdale fishing on the Happy Day Today, contact Captain Zsak. – 954-439-8106 –

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Taco Hooked Up – Wahoo-Bonitos

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Captain’s Bio: My name is Taco and I run the best Fort Lauderdale fishing charter in South Florida! Heck, you won’t have a better time on any fishing boat from West Palm to Miami. Why, because you get a sport fishing captain who has fished the waters of Fort Lauderdale for over 25 years. I know where to fish and how to fish for sailfish, marlin, tuna, dolphin, barracuda and just about anything that has gills.

You also get a great time fishing with Hooked Up. We’re not one of those stuffy South Florida fishing charters where the mate and captain are stuck on themselves and barely talk to you. We want you to party, relax, or whatever you like to do. Our job is to make your time on Hooked Up the most enjoyable you can have in Ft Lauderdale.

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South Florida aboard Hooked Up – Captain Taco

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Aug 10
Today we had Tommy, Cliff, Jacob, Nick and Mark all from New Orleans.
We went right to trolling the reef with 2-planner boards running about 45 to 50 feet down and 3 baits skipping across the surface.
J.J. never got a break this morning with the bonitos biting non-stop I mean while we were trying to catch one another one would bite another bait.
What a ball well for most of us J.J. was pretty worn out. But by the end of the trip we had a good million bonitos and a half a dozen nice king fish.
Guys once again thanks we had a ball fishing with all of you.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344

Aug 11
Today we started out fishing with Carol and David from Boca Raton Florida, Amber from Houston Texas, Matt from Boston and Jerry from Atlanta Georgia.
We started out trolling the reef and YES once again the reef was full of life with everyone landing fish pretty much one after another.
We were catching bonitos and kingfish and having a ball catching them.
Ok so now that we had the skunk out of the box we decided to go for the big one.
So in came all the trolling gear and out went the shark baits.
After a bit of waiting one of the shark rods bent over line started peeling off the reel and just like that we were Hooked Up. Matt jumped in the chair and the fight was on. After a good 25 min back and forth tug a war up popped this big 8-foot hammerhead shark. Way to go Matt!!
Ok so we still had some fishing time left and it seemed everything we did today worked so back out went the shark baits. After a little waiting BAM another bite and we were Hooked Up again.
This time Amber jumped in the chair and yes again we were Hooked Up with another big shark off the coast of South Florida.
No other way to put this but that Amber kicked this sharks ass and within 20 min once again we had another hammerhead shark to the side of the boat.
Guys what a ball!! Please send us any pictures you’ve got of these 2 big sharks we never got a chance to take any with the boat camera.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344

Aug 13
Today we started out fishing with John, Rob, Jennifer and Kevin all from San Francisco, California.
We started out trolling the reef catching a few bonitos and kings. We also caught a nice barracuda while trolling.
But the truth was that trolling was just not going off like it had been the last few days.
So we brought in all the trolling gear and set out our kites with 3 live baits suspended from them along with a couple of shark baits set down deep.
I would like nothing more than to tell you about the big one we caught or about the big one that got away but the truth was fishing was just plain old slow today and as much as I hate to write about it I’ve made a commitment to write about the good and the not so good. There truly is a reason they call it fishing and not catching. Usually even when fishing is slow we can find something to catch I mean this is our back yard and we play in it everyday but today was just one of those very slow days.
Guy’s thanks again for hanging in there and we sure hope you had a good time all the same. Remember I will make it up to you guys.
We’re looking forward to fishing with you again next time and catching the big one.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344

Aug 14
Today we started out fishing with Jim, Khima, Devin, Sandra and Cynthia all from Columbus Ohio.
We started out trolling the reef catching a few bonitos on our planner boards.
Than we worked our way to a wreck and dropped a live bait down and caught a nice amber jack.
Guy’s thanks again for fishing with us aboard the Hooked Up and if you could send us some pictures we would be happy to post them.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free @ (877) SEA-4344

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