Destin Harbor Tour

Let’s take a tour along the Destin harbor today. But before we do it turns out the storm we had blow through Destin on Sunday night and Monday morning did some damage on Crab Island. Crab Island Mike had just set up his barges for the upcoming season. As I drove over the Destin bridge on Monday morning I could see the barges were almost sunk. Sorry to say Mike lost his entire kitchen. He hopes to rebuild and be open by Memorial weekend. Okay, on to the tour…

We will start at the building at the far west end of Harborwalk Village. La Familia Italian restaurant occupies the upper location of the building while Crab Island Cantina is in the lower level. Both places are locally owned with great food and views. As everyone knows Crab Island Mambo does a lot of cross promotions with The Cantina.

As you start to head east along the pedestrian walkway the Emerald Grande is on your left. The street level has many different shops including Jesters. East Pass and the harbor are on your right making a great backdrop. Harry T’s is the next entertainment complex you come upon. This two story building is also locally owned and operated. Continuing the walk you come upon Jackacuda’s. This is a new owner for this prime spot. Behind Jackacuda’s is where many charter boats and dolphin cruise’s leave from. The Seablaster and Pirate Cruise all are docked in this area.

Next up is the outdoor concert area of Harborwalk Village. As you walk past that the new Margaritaville looms large right in front of you. This three story building has something for everyone. Past Margaritaville is what I call the “carnival” area. The zip line towers over this stretch. On the ground level is kids games and carnival type food trucks. This is also the start of the main Charter Boat docking area. Under the east zip line tower is Fishheads. This is a nice little beer and wine place.

Now you start to get to places that book the fishing trips. There are more shops here including Harbor Gifts which carries Crab Island Mambo stuff. If you want to stop for another beer, the Shark Shack is a good place to do that. Let’s take a quick detour up the hill. Here you will find Coyote Ugly. Next to Coyote Ugly is The Crust Pizzeria. Home of some of the best pizza in town. Back down on the harbor we come to AJ’s. This is one of the top 50 clubs in the country based on sales volume. It’s right up there with places in Vegas and Miami.

Continuing east we pass Galati Yachts. If you have a spare million you can get you a nice boat! Here comes a vacant lot where Tipsy Turtle used to sit. A new O’Quigley place is being built here. Tim at Blue Heron water sports will have a new neighbor. Here comes Dewey Destin’s seafood house then Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant. More charter boats are docked here too. If any big fish are caught they come here to use the big scales in front of Fisherman’s Wharf.

Up next is Coach’s. It’s a new place that has a raw bar and live music. The Boathouse Oyster Bar is the next stop for a cold beer and some good food. Next to The Boathouse is Dockside. Up the hill is the Red Door Saloon and the original La Familia’s that is still open. Back down at water level is the Monkey Bar and a burrito stand for the late night munchies. Finally as you keep going are more charter fishing boats and water sport rental places. Just before you get to the Destin Yacht Club building is a small place in the trees. I have never been there but will make it there soon.

I hope you enjoyed your trip along the Destin Harbor!

Join Crab Island Mambo Friday night at The Cantina for our second installment of the “Embrace the Chaos! Trop Rock Music Series at The Cantina.” Gene Mitchell will be supplying the entertainment starting at 5 pm. Be sure to ask for your “Mambo Member” card to get 15% off your entire bill the night of the show. We hope to see everyone at The Cantina Friday night.

I also published the Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper newsletter this week. You can read it here!

Have a great Easter weekend. See ya Monday!

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Destin spring

It’s about time Spring is making its way to Destin. Mid 70’s during the day makes it pretty nice to be here on the coast. We will take it.

This week we made one stop after work. Monday I went to Landshark Pizza for a while. Some of the usual locals were there. Pops and Jenny were there. Turtle and Ashley had a baby girl earlier that day. Everyone is doing fine. Brian’s brother Greg was there too. He was supposed to be on his way back home to Wisconsin but when he got to the airport he was told he was bumped to a flight the next morning. He didn’t get any message or notice about this. It was US Air. Thankfully I never fly them. They did tell him they won’t charge him the rebooking fee! The rebooking they did without his knowledge. That was nice of them….

Down on the harbor plans for the new establishment where Aloha and Tipsy Turtle were located are moving forward. Johnny Fuller from the O’Quigley’s fame is building a big place pretty much like I heard it would be. I think the same architect that designed the new Margaritaville is also designing this building. It will be three stories with a bar on the lowest boardwalk level. The mid level will be a restaurant and the top level which will be the same level as Hwy 98 will be a club of some type. Once again I wonder where everyone will park to fill up all these places.

The old Freaki Tiki bar down by the Boathouse is now open as Coach’s Raw Bar. They have had live music on the weekends with the same general layout as previously. It’s another place to keep the harbor on the east end jumping.

Wendy’s Kitchen is serving to-go meals from the Beal’s shopping center near Wal-Mart. They have a different selection each day. We will be checking them out soon.

Crab Island Mambo tee shirts, tank tops and some long sleeve shirts are available. The tanks and tee’s are perfect for the warmer weather we are having. “Embrace the Chaos!” with your own American Made shirts from Crab Island Mambo. Don’t forget that Harbor Gifts on the boardwalk is also carrying our shirts. Stop by there to see Tom and Sandy!

Have a great week. See ya Monday!

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No Rest in Destin…

Sunshine Cindy and I are pretty much on the go all the time. This weekend was no different. I already talked about Thursday night at Juana’s Pagoda in Navarre partying with our friends and the Southern Drawl Band. That was a good time with the guys from Knoxville!

Friday was a day to get more of the wedding details taken care of. Sunshine Cindy and I had a meeting scheduled with Judy from Crab Island Cantina to finalize our plans. We got there about noon and finished about 1 pm. Everything is coming together. It will be a wedding to remember. But now it was early, the weather was perfect and we had nothing on the agenda. We decided to walk to Harbor Gifts and see how they are doing and to check out our tee’s they are selling. On the way there we passed Fishhead’s. Becca was working. We said hello but we had to keep going.

At Harbor Gifts Sandy was there. It was her first day back at work since the weekend. She was fighting the crud. They have the shirts hanging outside and they look great. Everyone needs to get down to their shop next to the Shark Shack and spend some money with Tom and Sandy.

We left there and walked up the hill to The Crust Pizzeria. Charlie was not there but we grabbed a beer and sat outside. A few minutes later Matt and his son Ace came walking up. They saw us earlier on the docks and tracked us down. We ended up sharing some pizza and cheese bread. We had a chance to get caught up as we had not seen Matt other than a minute here or there for many months. It was a nice visit.

Where to next? We walked down to the Boathouse. Kerby was there with a couple of other guys. Sunshine Cindy and I sat outside on the deck but some dark clouds were building. I checked the radar and a line of storms were heading our way. Since we were parked at the other end of the harbor, we decided to walk back. As we were leaving Matt and Ace came by on their way home. Ace loves to cut up with Kerby. At one point Ace went running up to Kerby and tried to belly-buck him. Ace ended up on his back. But like any kid, he jumped up and tried it again. LOL

It was really getting dark now so we took off. Halfway back to AJ’s it started to rain. Luckily it was not too hard so we didn’t have to duck in anywhere. Our destination was the new Jackacuda’s restaurant. We got there and sat at the outside bar. They didn’t change this bar and we were glad to see that. Jason was working the bar. This place is locally owned. They use all fresh caught fish and they have a fantastic Sushi Chef. I tried one of the Sushi Rolls and loved it. It’s about time someone opened a Sushi Bar on the harbor. A tourist from Louisiana named Kevin sat down next to us. We ended up talking to him for a couple of hours. He was an interesting person.

As we were getting to leave I got a message from Wayne saying he and Kenny were heading to the Boathouse before they went back to Juana’s for Southern Drawl Bands Friday night show. We decided to meet them there. A big crowd of folks were there as Jason Clark was starting to play inside. We got a table outside. Kenny, Wayne and Tommy joined us. Then Brian and his brother from Wisconsin, Greg walked in and also joined us. The party was on. Gigi came around with some Jello Shots, other friends came and went. Yes, it was another good time at the Boathouse.

Kenny, Wayne and Tommy left to go to Navarre and Sunshine Cindy and I called it a day/night shortly thereafter. It turns out we missed a good time at Juana’s. Kenny got on stage with the band and played his harmonica on a few songs. Way to go Kenny!!!

Saturday was more low key. We had lunch at Friday’s in Destin. Other than that Sunshine Cindy did some shopping while I did some writing for the upcoming Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper newsletter. It was also officially announced that starting in 2015 Sunshine Cindy and I will be taking over Phlocking of the Phaithful. This is a Trop Rock party in Put in Bay, Ohio each June. We look forward to keeping the party tradition going.

Sunday was another quiet day for us. It was raining on and off which made for a lazy day. It was good as I was able to get more Mambo work done. Finally in the afternoon I was ready to get out for a while. Sunshine Cindy wanted to stay in but went out to run some errands. I decided to make a stop at Landshark Pizza but they were not open yet. I forgot they open later on Sunday’s now that football is over. I went over to Island Wings instead.

They bake their wings which is healthier but I don’t think they taste as good as the deep fried ones. Next time I will go back to their Jalapeno chili. That is some of the best chili in town. I should have had it this time. I had an interesting girl sit a few stools down from me. She was probably only about 21 or 22. She was dressed kind of funky. She ordered some food then got on the phone with someone. I could hear her cussing left and right about something. After she hung up she got up, looked at me and told me she was just going to her car to get something. I said “ok” with a WTH look on my face. She mumbled something about she thought I would want to know. Not like I worked there or anything.

A few minutes later another girl came in and joined the first one. Turns out the first girls was upset about a new tattoo she got thinking it was not done right. No matter what her friend said she would not believe it. I don’t know what the tat was but I was tempted to tell her don’t worry because in 15 years or so it will be so washed out it won’t matter! I kept quiet though. I headed home when I was done and relaxed with Sunshine Cindy for the rest of the evening.

Have a great week. See ya’ll Thursday!!!

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Wet and Wild Weekend in Destin

What a crazy few days we had here in Destin. It started on Thursday night. Sunshine Cindy and I planned to get out for just a short while to relax. We stopped at Sago Sports Bar but it was closed for a private party. It turns out Roy Jones Jr., the boxer was performing there with his band. So we headed to Landshark pizza instead. There was a crowd building to watch the Wisconsin basketball game. As the game started Sue and Brian came in. Sue joined us and the party was on. We stayed for the entire game then the four of us walked down to Cash’s for a while. We finally headed home pretty late.

Friday about noon we had a major line of thunderstorms blow through our area. It was one of the most intense storms we have had in a long time. Wind gust were measured at over 75 mph. Trees and poles were down, power was out and debris was everywhere. The big canopy at Harborwalk over the stage collapsed in the middle of the storm. Good news is no one got hurt.

We had to go to Fort Walton to drop our taxes off with Tommy. The storm had been over for a few hours but the cleanup was still going on. When we got back to Destin we passed The Crust Pizzeria. The back of the building looked like their awning came down and they were closed. We stopped at Fisherman’s Wharf for some late lunch. They didn’t have any damage there. I ordered a happy hour appetizer of Buffalo Shrimp. I expected a small plate of shrimp. What I got was a big plate with a heaping mound of shrimp. It was delicious.

Friday night was a Parrot Head meeting at Groovy Grouper in the Destin Commons. Jan and Kenny were playing. Despite the fact it was still raining on and off, we had a good crowd show up for the party. We ran into our old neighbor Stephan who was working there. It was a fun night but time to head home after it was done.

Saturday did not turn out like originally planned. We were supposed to go to Niceville to hear Southern Drawl Band play in the evening. We got a call from Dottie about noon saying she heard the show was cancelled. We made some calls and found out the venue had the wrong date for the show and they were not set up for it. Oh well, that’s showbiz sometimes I guess.

Sunshine Cindy and I headed to the harbor instead. The plan was to talk to a few folks about Crab Island Mambo, have some dinner and head back home. Wayne was going to join us. Sunshine Cindy and I met Wayne at the Shark Shack. I wanted to talk to Tom and Sandy to make sure they were going to be there on Sunday as we would drop off our shirts they are going to carry in their store. Sandy was there and everything was a go for Sunday. The Shark Shack had a good crowd of fishheads hanging around like usual.

We then headed up the hill to The Crust. I wanted to see how Charley was doing after the storm. It turns out they took a big hit. The awnings over the outside seating area blew off and took out the power lines into the building. A bunch of their furniture from outside ended up blowing down Hwy. 98. They ended up having to close all day on Friday. They were back in business when we stopped. Again, at least no one got hurt.

From there we walked over to AJ’s and then to the Lookout Bar at Margaritaville. Great views from both places. We decided to head to the Boathouse for some food but we made a stop at Fishheads first to talk to Melissa and Tom. They appear to be doing great with their place. Walking over we ran into James and Jonelle. We also saw Ken and his big dog Baby Girl. Finally at the Boathouse we got a table inside while the band Gunner was playing on the outside stage. We could hear them perfectly inside.

Jacey waited on us. She was pretty new there but she has a fun personality and fits right in with the others. Gigi came by to give us hard time about not being there for a week or so. They miss us! Bree and Courtney both came by to say hello and give us a hug. It’s like family in there. We were getting ready to leave when we heard the band say they had a special guest that was going to do a few songs with them. It turned out the drummer for the rock band AC/DC was there and he did a few songs. That was so cool. We ended up with an autographed drum stick and some pictures. It was then finally time to go home!

And on Sunday we did not rest! Not with the Southern Drawl Band playing in Destin at Crab Island Cantina. Sunshine Cindy and I got down to the harbor about 1:15 for the 3 pm show. The band was already there setting up. It was great seeing Mike, Paul and Larry again. We were also introduced to the newest members of the band, JD and David. While they were setting up I ran a couple dozen Crab Island Mambo tee shirts to Bob so they can set them up in their gift shop. Look them up just west of AJ’s next to the Shark Shack. They have a lot of cool stuff besides our shirts.

I ran into Matt while I was making this trip along the docks. He is working in the Marler charter boat rental booth. We are planning to do something to help drive some traffic to The Crust Pizzeria. Not sure what but something!

Back at the Cantina the crowd was growing as the weather was perfect. We probably had over 50 Mambo’ians show up. The show was fantastic. The guys had people dancing and singing along to many of their songs. One day real soon this band will be charging big bucks to see their shows. They are that good. It was a fun afternoon that no one wanted to end.

We were not done when they finished playing. Jan and Kenny were playing their regular gig at The Boathouse. So a big group of us ended up there to end Sunday Funday! It was quite the weekend in Destin!!!

It looks like we are going to have a good week weather wise. Southern Drawl will be playing at Juana’s in Navarre Wednesday through Saturday nights. We hope to get over there to catch another show or two! Have a great week. See ya Thursday!

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Where’s Spring?

The calendar says its Spring time in Destin but Mother Nature seems to have a different opinion. Tuesday night as I drove home from work I had the top down. When I hit the Island the wind was blowing about 800 mph (or so it seemed) directly out of the north. The bay had white caps and Badass was being pushed around. It was cold by the time I got home. That night the temp went down to about 40. Ugh! Wednesday it barely got to 60 degrees. At least it wasn’t snow!

So far this week we have been working on Crab Island Mambo stuff. We signed up a new advertiser, real estate agent Mike Ryan. We are glad to have Mike aboard. We have also agreed with Tom and Sandy to have them carry our shirts in their store down on the harbor. They are right next to the Shark Shack just west of AJ’s. Check out all the cool stuff they have including the Mambo merch!

The expansion at Destin Commons is moving forward. They hope to have a grand opening for the new stores and restaurants around the Fourth of July. One of the more unique places opening will be Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill. Uncle Buck’s is a spinoff from the Bass Pro Shop folks. This location will feature a 16-lane bowling alley, a seafood restaurant that seats more than 300, a 60-seat bar with a sunken ship display above it and a billiards room. It should be interesting.

The traffic in Destin continues to get worse. The area around Harborwalk Village is especially bad. They have added a big parking lot but it is across Hwy. 98 forcing people to become human froggers as they dodge cars trying to cross the street. I hope they think about some kind of walkover in this area. It is a dangerous spot. The authorities are also in the preliminary design stage of widening 98 from Airport Road east to the Walton County line. Anything will help I guess.

This weekend from Nashville the Southern Drawl Band will be back in the Destin area. Saturday night from 6 – 10 pm the guys will be in Niceville at Dockside Oyster Grill (the old Giuseppe’s) on Rocky Bayou. Then Sunday they are back at their Destin home, Crab Island Cantina from 3 – 7 pm. You need to check out Mike Nash and the guys before you have to start paying a cover charge to see them. Yes, they are that good!

Have a great weekend. See ya Monday! 

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Trop Rock Junkies in Destin

We had another fun weekend in Destin. Friday night was the kickoff of the “Embrace the Chaos! Trop Rock Music Series at The Cantina.” Sunshine Cindy and I got down to the harbor about 4 pm. Wayne was already there helping the band navigate their way around. Crab Island Cantina had a couple of tables and a tent set up for us to display our merchandise and the bands CD’s. The sun was out and it was a beautiful evening.

The band started a little after 5 and put on a great show. We had a big crowd of Mambo’ians show up for the party. At one point we had well over 50 people eating, drinking and enjoying the music. Tom and Sandy were there. They have a new kiosk on the harbor next to the Shark Shack. They are in a great location. We talked about them selling our tee shirts too. Hopefully we can make this happen. We also got to talk to some folks that were just hanging out at The Cantina. We met Mike who is a retired Vet and a real estate agent. He was a nice guy.

The show went to after 9 pm. Sincity Lisa and Deron came over from Panama City for the night. They walked the harbor after the show and came back to the Cantina as everyone was winding down. The steel drum player for the band, Allan (aka Frankendread) talked to us the entire time the band was tearing down. He lives in Key West and was a great guy. He had us laughing at his stories. We will definitely look him up when we get back down to Key West.

Wayne hung around with us till the end. Sunshine Cindy and I headed home about 11:30. We had a big day on the beach on Saturday coming up so we needed some rest.

Saturday was our Crab Island Mambo 4th annual First Saturday of Spring Beach Party. The weather in the morning was foggy but it burned off quickly and it turned into a perfect day. We got to the beach about 10:45 am. Wayne had just pulled in ahead of us. The small parking lot at the beachwalk was already filling up with tourist and Spring Breakers. We made our way to the beach and had our usual spot right in front of the flag pole.

We ended up with about 30 people show up for the beach party. When the party was in full swing, a lifeguard rode by on his four wheeler and stopped to ask if we were locals. When we told him we were he laughed and said we had it going on big time. He joked that he could tell we were professionals! We had a big circle of chairs, food and music in the middle and drinks being passed around. At one point Kenny found the biggest Fiddler Crab we had ever seen. We named it our official Crab Island Mambo Mascot!

Once again it was Wayne, Sunshine Cindy and I as the last Mambo’ians standing. Sunshine Cindy and I headed back to Destin and stopped at Landshark Pizza for some wings. We figured that was about the best place for us to stop considering we had been in the sun all day. Holly waited on us. Jason and Travis was doing the cooking. A decent crowd was there and a ton of takeout orders were going out the door. We enjoyed our wings and headed home for some rest after a busy day.

Sunday we stayed in. I worked on Mambo stuff all day. Sunshine Cindy did a little of this and that. We thought about going to the Boathouse to hear Jan and Kenny play but we decided to stay in for the night.

It should be a good week. See y’all Thursday!!!

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Roland and Jackie…

We have made it. Today is the first day of Spring….finally! The temps are in the low 70’s so we are really feeling like it is Spring time.

The big thing Sunshine Cindy and I did this week was meeting up with Parrot Head friends Roland and Jackie. They were visiting with Mark and Stephanie for a couple of days. Roland and Jackie are from the St. Louis area but have been in south Florida for a few weeks. They stopped in Destin on their way to Star’s in Orange Beach, AL.

We met them at Margaritaville down on the harbor for drinks and dinner. This was the first time any of them had been there. They were all amazed at the size of the place and the great views. We sat in the bar area next to windows that looked out at the Pass and the Bay. We had a perfect view of a fantastic sunset. The food was good and the drinks were cold so we were all happy. As we finished dinner Margaritaville was filling up. It looks like the Spring Break crowds are still flocking there. As we left Roland got in a picture someone was taking of a half dozen Breakers. We heard the picture taker say she could photo shop him out! Ouch!!!

We all then walked down to Crab Island Cantina. Aaron was working the bar. Mike was the manager on duty. There was a decent crowd there too. A nice night brings out the people to the harbor. Sunshine Cindy showed everyone what the layout for the wedding will be like. Roland and Jackie are coming back to join us I am happy to report. They have become good friends who we see at Parrot Head events all over the country. Sunshine Cindy and I had to call it a night as I had to get up early for work but not before we all laughed so hard we had tears coming down our faces. All I will say is ask Jackie about the stainless steel toilet seat the next time you run into her.

Wendy’s Kitchen next to Beal’s has officially opened. They offer to-go meals. We are going to check them out soon as it sounds like they make some great dishes.

Crab Island Mambo has a lot of fun events planned for the next couple of weeks. It starts out this Friday down on the harbor at Crab Island Cantina with our “Embrace the Chaos! Trop Rock Music Series at The Cantina.” All the way from Tampa, FL the Trop Rock Junkies will be playing on the Cantina’s outside stage. Show time is 5-9 pm. See us for your special Mambo Member wrist band to get 15% off your entire bill that night. We will have our Mambo Member cards in about a week. We hope all our friends join us. Here are all the details.!-Trop-Rock-Music-Series-at-The-Cantina.html

Saturday we have our Crab Island Mambo “First Saturday of Spring Beach Party.” This fun time will be held on Okaloosa Island at Beachwalk #2 next to The Breakers Resort. We will get started about 11 am. Bring your beach toys and coolers. This is always a fun time as we show the Spring Breakers how the old farts party!

And next weekend we have back by popular demand the boys from Knoxville, TN The Southern Drawl Band. These guys continue to get bigger and bigger with some of their songs now being played on several Sirius Satellite radio stations. They will be in Niceville on Saturday night at Dockside from 6-10 pm and at Crab Island Cantina on Sunday. Come and listen to this great band as the next time they might be at a coliseum with high priced tickets!

Have a great weekend. Hope to see everyone out and about. Full report on Monday.  

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The weekend that was in Destin

Sunshine Cindy and I had a good weekend. It started out Thursday night when we went to Sago Sports Bar. Julie joined us for drinks and dinner. Tommy was there and we got a chance to talk to him for a while. Lilly took care of us and Stephanie was behind the bar. As always the food was good and the atmosphere was fun. We were surprised at how many Spring Breakers were staying there at the Palms condo. There seemed to be a full house of them. Sago stayed busy and we had a good time.

Friday we had a parrot head meeting at Harry T’s. Sunshine Cindy and I got down to the harbor early. We went by Steve’s Hawaiian Ice booth but he was closed. We hope all is well with Steve as he has not been open the last few times we were there during busy days on the harbor. Since Steve was not there we stopped at the Shark Shack and grabbed a beer. We then walked all the way down the harbor to the east end to check out anything going on at that end.

A new food trailer is opening next to Burrito del Sol. Other than that not much else new down there. As we passed by The Boathouse Jan was there. He was doing his plumber duties and installing new sinks. He was busy so we didn’t have a chance to talk to him. The old Freaki Tiki bar is opened again as a raw bar called Coaches. They have live music and will be another player at that end of the harbor.

We walked back to Harborwalk Village and made our way up to the Lookout Bar at Margaritaville. The views are spectacular from up there. Old friend Steve was working the bar. People came and went taking in the fresh air and views of the harbor and East Pass. We stayed for a beer then headed to Crab Island Cantina. Carlos was there, Mike was working the bar and Judy was running around keeping everyone on their toes. A good early afternoon crowd was there enjoying a nice day. We hung around for a while then headed to Harry T’s.

The parrot heads were out in full force. We ended up staying for the entire meeting. We hung around with Mark, Stephaine, Dottie, Steve and others. The big crowd had a lot of fun as money was raised for a college scholarship. While there we saw the Jet Man put on a show right outside the windows. It was pretty awesome watching him. As the meeting ended we called it a night and went home.

Saturday we took a short road trip to Navarre and Juana’s Pagoda to listen to the Calypso Nuts perform. We picked up Wayne on the way. When we got there Mark and Stephanie were there. Shortly thereafter Dottie, Steve, Capt. John, Bobby and Darla all came in. Crazy Ray, Amy and Julia also showed up. It was a good crowd. Robbie and Lynley put on a fun show. Robbie even came up with a short Crab Island Mambo song on the spot. It was a fun evening on the beach.

Sunday was a stormy day in Destin. We had thunderstorms and monsoon rains with some places getting about 3 inches of rain. It made for a lazy day. We did get out to run a few errands and then stopped at Landshark Pizza for a few brews and some pizza. We got to let Jason know he was our Bartender of the Month in the Mullet Wrapper. He was really excited. That is so cool when we can make someone’s day like that. A good crowd was there including Jenny, Pops, Capt Todd and several other locals. It was a nice way to end the week.

Saturday I published the aforementioned Crab Island Mambo Mullet Wrapper newsletter. It was another fine edition if I do say so myself. LOL  You can read the Mullet Wrapper here.

Have a great week. See ya’ll Thursday!

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