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Trop Rock Blog Featured Artist - Trop On

Trop Rock Blog Featured Artist – Trop On

Loren Davidson – Grab your favorite boat drink and get ready to live on “Island Standard Time” with the latest release from Trop Rock crooner Loren Davidson.

Hugo Duarte – Like good Cuban food, Hugo’s music is a combination of a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of down-to-earth ingredients that come together in an adventure of the senses.

John Patti – John has shared stages with various recording artists over the years, including Grammy nominated Nadirah Shakoor, CMA finalist for “instrumentalist of the year” Doyle Grisham, Nashville based Michael Utley and world renowned pannist Robert Greenidge.

Chris Sacks – Hailing from Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Chris Sacks has found the warm sands and blue waters of the tropics calling to him and developed an entertaining songwriting style that leaves one to wonder if he has red American blood or blue Caribbean seawater running through his veins.

Dani Hoy – I wrote my first song, “Tropical Man,” about two years ago. I was inspired by the music on an internet radio station.

Jerry Diaz – Born and raised on the upper Texas coast, Jerry gives listeners a glimpse of the coastal lifestyle in just about every song he writes. From songs about Key West, Florida, to songs about New Orleans, and the Texas beach towns that he’s grown up in, Diaz takes you on a musical journey of boats, beaches, and bars.

Homemade Wine – Homemade Wine is a tropical rock band. Some say Homemade Wine is a country band. Still others insist Homemade Wine is a southern-rock acoustic band. While any or all of these could apply, it is safe to say Homemade Wine is intent on creating a new genre of music, their own genre of music.

Southern Drawl Band – They believe that in this day of TV talent shows and one hit wonders, the old fashioned way of building success “one fan at a time” is still the best way to build lasting success.

Rob Mehl – I’ve been blessed with a gift that lets me travel to beautiful places all over the world, so I have to say that getting to play in tropic waters for most of my life has influenced my music.

Howard Livingston – Howard is a native of the mountains of eastern Kentucky. His mother spawned his love for music by introducing him to the guitar at age five. While the love of music never did leave him, his career pushed him in a different direction. While building his business, he traveled to the Florida Keys, where he developed a severe case of “Keys Fever”

The Island Castaways Band – Their live show features a balanced mix of originals and classics, all with their own Tropical touch of fun – bringing Summer to you.

Parrot Island Band – We are a “Trop-Rock” trio, available for parties, cookouts, wedding, fundraisers, corporate events… if you are looking for excellent Jimmy Buffett music at an affordable price, look no further! As we like to say, we are “Jimmy Buffett on a budget”.

Michael J Weiss – Florida-born musician best known for his live performances that feature instantly-memorable original songs paired with an entertaining mix of well-known and surprising cover tunes that span nearly every decade and genre.

Harbor Knights – A fun enthusiastic mix of anecdotal mischief with a Classic Rock/Trop Rock feel. If it’s not fun music, we won’t do it.

Coconut Radio – Award winning violinist and Trop Rock nominee Sue Kittredge and singer/songwriter Steve Reeths of Coconut Radio have been playing dumps and palaces from Chicago and Nashville down to Tampa and Key West since meeting in 1992.

Key West Chris – In 2008, Chris moved to Key West, a place he’s always dreamed of living. His words say it best: “I appreciate all I’ve done and that has been awarded to me and I have no regrets whatsoever, about anything from the past.”

Frankendread – Frankendread is an accomplished Caribbean performer, and his energetic performances puts smiles on everyone’s faces.

Ralph MacDonald – Grammy-award winning percussionist, songwriter, producer, and long time Coral Reefer member

Swim Skinny –  I strummed a chord and said “like a drunken parrot hanging upside down, I’ve got my tail in the air and my beak on the ground”

John Frinzi – New Jersey-born and Florida-based singer/songwriter John Frinzi has steadily gained recognition across the country for his soulful songs, unique voice, and strong live performances.

Jeff Pike & A1A – As the first band ever to showcase a high-energy 4-hour concert composed of nothing except Buffett’s best songs spanning every era of his career, A1A became the only Tribute Band personally sanctioned by Jimmy Buffett.

Bob Karwin – His blend of humor and thoughtful songwriting struck a chord with Southern Californians and he began to develop a following at his rowdy one man shows.

John Reno – John is a singer/songwriter from Fairhope, Alabama. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, John knew at an early age that music was his passion.

Brent Burns – Brent Burns was born in Oklahoma, raised in Arizona and arrived in Gulf Shores, Alabama in 1972.  This son of the desert has become the poet laureate of the beach.

“Jambo” Joe Bones – A bit of laid-back rock, some raunchy country, a blender full of Jimmy Buffett and a handful of my own tunes all washed down with a couple cold beers and a shot of tequila (salt and lime, please)

John Friday – John Friday, the Tropical Balladeer, bringing you ballads, boat songs, and bullsh*t from the little latitudes!


The Above Artists have been our Featured Artists of the Week – Trop On!

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